About us

"Taccount" LLC was founded on June 15, 2007 by Tigran Martirosyan. Over time, our good reputation for being a reliable partner, gained due to our honest and transparent work, has helped us to expand, and today we provide accounting and consulting services to about a hundred resident and non-resident companies, as well as companies with foreign investments. "Taccount" LLC now provides a full package of professional services, which is carried out with the help of highly qualified personnel. "TAccount" LLC currently provides a full range of professional services, which is carried out by highly experienced and qualified staff.

At "Taccount", we strive to help our clients build a strong business and contribute to their financial well-being with our professional knowledge. We ensure an individual approach taking into account the desires, relevant values and characteristics of each client's activity.

Our main business credo is mutual respect and transparency. Our employees are not only colleagues, but also friends, so all the work is carried out in a friendly and trustful environment.

Each employee of  "TAccount" LLC has a deep sense of responsibility and a desire to make the working process with clients as easy as possible without overloading them with unnecessary paperwork and causing a waste of time.

We highly appreciate the good business relations with our partners, strictly follow the reached arrangements.

We believe that by helping our partners build a strong business, we make contribution not only to their own but also to the economic development of the Republic of Armenia.

Thank you for trusting us.

Why outsourcing?

Customers prefer to use outsourcing services for a number of reasons.

As an example we can give money savings, because in this case the client saves the workplace and the expenses arising therefrom in the form of a working table, chair, computer, stationery, as well as the tax liabilities arising from the payment of salary.

The second reason is the quality standard. In outsourcing companies such as "Taccount" LLC, clients deal with a team with a vast accounting experience (Picture 1 below), which helps you to avoid possible mistakes and eliminate possible fines and penalties
due to the team work and double-checking method.

Clients and Partners

The key to our success is our Clients and Partners, who prefer our services for high level of qualification, responsibility and excellent work. The guarantee of our success is our Partners, who prefer us owing to our high qualification, responsible and flawless work.