Accounting of the organizations

Reliable data on the company's financial state can only be obtained in conditions of impeccable accounting by qualified accountants. Our employees actively monitor the amendments in the law and standards and prepare all necessary documents in accordance with them, excluding the possible problems with the responsible authorities.

By analyzing the structure of the company/organization in T Account, the number of employees, the specifics of work, the expected turnover and the monthly number of documents, an appropriate approach of accounting is selected.

The sphere of accounting services of “T Account” LLC is as follows:

  • Financial Planning
  • Tax optimization
  • Reporting to tax authorities and statistical departments
  • Publishing reports (if required by law)
  • Execution of primary documents
  • Arranging cash payments
  • Opening bank accounts and organizing banking operations
  • Calculation and payment of monthly salaries, bonuses, vacations.
  • Issuance of salary calculation sheets (if necessary)
  • In the case of previously miscalculated accounting, correction of the accounting base or restoration through documentation review. Adjustment of the reports arising therefrom.

The services will be provided remotely and our employee will visit the territory of the company / organization only in case of need.

Clients and Partners

The key to our success is our Clients and Partners, who prefer our services for high level of qualification, responsibility and excellent work. The guarantee of our success is our Partners, who prefer us owing to our high qualification, responsible and flawless work.