Planning and calculation of taxes and duties

According to the tax legislation, economic entities are required to make payments established by law. Within the framework of the laws, there are a number of benefits, as well as deductions from gross income, which must be taken into account when calculating taxes. However, these benefits can only be used if certain conditions are met.

Specialized tax advice helps to make the right decision on choosing the tax field, taking into account the specifics of the company/organization.

To do this, our team performs՝

  • Deep study of customer activity
  • Assessment of tax fields and checking its compatibility with customer activity
  • Research on the material values ​​flows of the company
  • Building an accurate financial flow system
  • Checking the completeness of the reports, the accuracy thereof, etc.

Within the framework of the law, we will find a tax system that will reduce your financial burden as much as possible.

Taxes are calculated in accordance with the procedure, form and terms established By the law of the Republic of Armenia.

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