Employees are the cornerstone of each company or organization. Therefore, it is necessary that the documentation of employees is carried out by a competent and highly proficient human resource management specialist. This area of activity requires high responsibility and accuracy.

Proper management of personnel records leads to the inviolability of the rights and interests of both the client and his employees. As a result, abuse by both the employee and the employer is excluded, and data confidentiality is maintained.

Within the framework of human resources activities, the following are compiled and calculated՝

  • Employment contracts,
  • Employment orders
  • Employment and vacation application forms
  • Accumulated vacation days
  • Vacation orders
  • Required salary references, etc.
  • Registration of information on respectable or disrespectful absences
  • Working schedule
  • Rules of Procedure

In case of drawing up an employment contract / order, the legislative nuances related to the employee are taken into account.

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