T Account is one of the leading accounting consulting companies in Armenia. We offer to companies with Armenian and foreign capital, their subsidiaries, and representative offices, regardless of the field of activity and legal form, accounting, legal, payroll, and personnel administration, internal audit, restoration of accounting, tax audits, and consulting services meeting the requirements of the time. T Account's accounting services include full service per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We believe that our clients should have a better understanding of the financial performance of their companies, therefore we prepare management reports for clients and, if necessary, provide reports by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We have experience working with various ERP systems, such as QuickBooks, SAP, 1ะก ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics AX, however, we carry out accounting through AS Accountant, and AS Enterprise programs. Cooperation with T Account instills confidence in our clients in terms of maintaining accounting procedures and submitting reports to tax authorities on time and without errors. We constantly apply new approaches, and technologies, and actively participate in programs aimed at reforming accounting and systems, thanks to which we can offer services that meet the requirements of the time. More than 15 years of activity and cooperation with clients have earned us the respect and trust of clients. The key to our success is our customers, who prefer us due to our high qualifications, responsibility, and flawless work.
T Account Limited Liability Company was founded in 2007 by Tigran Martirosyan, the founder, and director of the company. In the first years of activity, the company had up to ten employees. Due to years of hard work and the high quality of services provided, the number of clients and employees of the company has multiplied. Today T Account is a big family, where more than 80 specialists work. Having experienced and professional specialists, T Account provides various services: accounting, tax, and personnel accounting, as well as consulting services to more than 200 resident and non-resident organizations, companies with foreign investment, and about 500 private entrepreneurs. The fields of activity of our clients are very diverse, including manufacturing, construction, import-export, commercial-non-commercial, information technology companies, foundations, non-governmental organizations, etc. Among the clients are well-known companies such as Clean Choice LLC, Evrimatriks R LLC, Disqo AM CJSC, My Step charity foundation, Wikimedia Armenia scientific-educational non-governmental organization, Q Group LLC, Creative Armenia Cultural Foundation, Pyunik Football Club NGO, Gold's Gym LLC, Afalan LLC, Builder Construction LLC, etc. We treat all our partners with great responsibility and guarantee the quality of the services we provide.
Along with the development of various branches of business, accounting outsourcing services are also developing. Why? Because it creates an opportunity for companies to fully engage in their activities and leave all the issues related to accounting management to a specialized outsourcing company. As a result, you save time and money. Choosing the right outsourcing company is also very important. Accounting outsourcing services are the best option for companies that want to spare time from organizing and supervising the work of accounting staff or cannot find suitable people for this. When using the services offered by T Account, you reduce your risks and can be sure that the work is done without errors, promptly, and without any additional control on your part. The range of services provided by our organization is aimed at satisfying the requirements of our clients in terms of accounting, tax, personnel accounting, and financial consulting. T Account provides services with a personal approach, taking into consideration your financial and accounting needs. We are well aware that our success is directly related to the success of our clients, which is why we strive to provide high-quality services at affordable prices. We are responsible, flexible, and customer oriented. As an accounting company with traditions, we strictly adhere to our core values, and this enables us to build healthy, long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. The quality of the services we provide is the result of our values. We consider that the quality of the provided services is ensured only when the result of our activity results in customer satisfaction and creates long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers. Our internal environment and values define who we are as an organization and what makes us special.

Our Values

Acting in accordance with our values:
We provide open and honest relations
A great team always stands behind high-quality and efficient work. A team is not people sitting and working side by side in the same space, but people who communicate with each other without falsehood, are open to raising problems and providing solutions, are open to new proposals, and are not afraid to express any opinion.
We are efficient
We work as efficiently as possible. We realize that the quality of work is one of the most important principles for development and progress, and quality work is done only when we work with maximum efficiency. We always stand out by our exceptional ability to create maximum results with minimum means.
We are engaged and proactive
Each member of the team, regardless of their position, involves in various projects and comes up with new ideas and suggestions. Thus, we allow each other to think and act from different perspectives, to develop not only in narrow professional work but also to look at work more generally and holistically. Every problem that arises gets all possible solutions, which contributes to our initiative.
We are self-developing and strive for progress
Our primary principle is self-development through different trainings and self-education. We are responsible for applying the knowledge gained in our work to ensure the best quality of service.
We act freely while being responsible
Mutual trust is the basis of working relations at T Account. We respect each other's desire to act freely, confident that each of us will do our work properly and on time.


As a result of years of work, today we have formed a large team of people who are not just employees. The management and employees of our company are guided by common values like one family and move forward by developing and overcoming all difficulties. Responsibility for the work and devotion to the company are the primary conditions for becoming a full member of the big family of T Account. The management and employees of T Account have created a positive and friendly atmosphere that makes all of us full members of a big family. We believe that our success, the positive and productive relationships we create with our clients, healthy team relationships, and the personal achievements of our employees are directly related to the values and atmosphere we have formed and developed. That's why we build and improve every day a transparent, reliable, and honest environment for every member of our great team.