We provide timely services to our clients

Accounting and bookkeeping

We adhere to modern approaches to accounting and reporting and take full financial responsibility for the work we do. In T-Account, work is done as a team. Each accounting team consists of experienced accountants, auditors, lawyers, HR staff, and business consultants. To ensure the absolute quality of the work, a three-level system is in place: execution, inspection, and re-inspection.

Our skilled specialists, having many years of work experience, constantly participating in seminars on amendments to the RA Tax Code, and following changes in international accounting standards, ensure the formation of professional approaches to any issue. We will help you to decide on any matter, including choosing the optimal taxation system according to the legislation in force for your business and providing high-quality advice on the tax or financial consequences of the transactions being made or to be made. You can fully entrust the professionals of T-Account with the management of your company's accounting, tax, and personnel records.

We also clearly realize that in addition to the high quality of the work performed, it is also very important to meet the requirements related to the security of our customers' information. All customer data is confidential to us and is not used for personal, financial, or other gain. The company does not permit third parties to use such materials or information. Our professionals cannot provide services to two or more competing clients or clients with conflicting relationships. We certainly inform customers of any connections, circumstances, or interests that may affect the quality of services.

T-Account uses the most modern approaches to information security, which will enable you to ensure the safety of your information. To this end, T-Account is the first among Armenian accounting and consulting companies to implement a quality assurance system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and an information security management system according to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Personnel accounting

HR specialists of T-Account will help you properly document and record the employment relationship between employees and your company. According to the RA Labor Code and other legal acts regulating employer-employee relations, every organization must carry out personnel recording, regardless of the field of activity. Correct and competent documentation and accounting of employment relationships will allow you to avoid unnecessary fines. It also increases the mutual trust between the employer and the employee, as well as can exclude conflict situations that may arise between your company and the employee.

The service includes:

Documentation of hiring and firing of employees.

Drafting of employment contracts.

Documentation of employment relationships in accordance with legislation.

Compilation of position passport.

Salary calculation.

Calculation of the final calculation of holidays and allowances.


Companies that do not have experienced employees or expertise to analyze investment plans in depth often turn to financial advisors. The involvement of external consultants allows the business to acquire fresh ideas and look at the implementation of financial transactions from a different perspective.

Do you need financial advice for your project? Each manager or business owner has to answer this question for themselves, but there is no doubt that this service is extremely useful in the current uncertain conditions.

In the field of financial consulting, T-Account has participated in the implementation of dozens of large investment projects. Our team includes the best financial consultants in Armenia, whose knowledge and experience guarantee the success of your project. The main principles of consulting services provided by T-Account specialists are:

Interests of the client. Respect for the client's interests, which are paramount to our team and are valued above the consultant's interests.

Individual approach. Implementation of financial analysis and development of recommendations is carried out exclusively individually for each specific client or investment project.

Information. We always explain to clients the essence of the tools and methods that were used in the development of proposals to maximize the possibility of their implementation in further business activities.

Confidentiality. We guarantee non-disclosure of information received from the client without his consent. Any disclosure or further dissemination or use of the information in a manner other than that provided for in the agreement between the user of the information and T-Account is strictly prohibited. This relationship between the Customer and T-Account is governed by a confidentiality agreement.

We follow the leading international standards and principles applied in the field of financial advice. You can join the long list of satisfied customers who have experienced the highest level of professionalism and reliability of T-Account. Our goal is to give the client the most objective and accurate advice to make the right decision. We put our customers first and serve them with integrity, competence, and respect for their decisions. The advisory team takes an independent position in any situation and makes every effort to ensure that its expert advice is based on an unbiased assessment of all facts relevant to the case. T-Account also carries out Due Diligence as part of consulting services, and we already have dozens of successfully implemented projects.

Implementation and recovery of accounting

In fact, the restoration of accounting is the correction of deficiencies in accounting. There are no common standards for restoring accounting records. It all depends on what the purpose is. In general, accounting restoration involves work in several directions.

 Missing accounting records are filled in, and redundant or incorrect wordings are removed, resulting in the formation of the accounting base.

Accounting records are checked against primary documents to verify the authenticity of transactions. In some cases, the original accounting documents do not exist at all, and it may be necessary to create them from scratch. And often the available documents do not meet the requirements of the RA Tax Code and they also need to be corrected.

After transactions and documents are restored, tax reports are prepared and tax report adjustments are issued as needed.

In which cases is accounting restoration necessary?

Before preparing for a tax audit.

If the company does not have an accounting database or the existing database is in a bad state, then this can lead to a situation where you will not be able to give explanations to the inspectors and any mistakes will lead to fines.

In addition, when the taxpayer is unable to provide information, the tax authorities will calculate the taxes based on the average indicators of a similar sector.

Business Sale

The second most common reason for accounting restoration is the sale of a business. Potential buyers of the company will definitely be interested in the state of your accounting records. Because by buying the business, the tax risks will be transferred to them along with the business. The state of accounting can significantly affect the final price of the transaction.

Attracting Credit

Here it is important to show the reliability of the company. To do this, reporting must be clear and reliable.

Changing the chief accountant or putting everything in order in accounting for your peace of mind.

But it is also important to be sure that everything is in order in the accounting. Especially if your accountant has decided to change jobs.

Legal services

T Account's experienced legal team also provides legal services. Our experienced team has a track record of success that has enabled our partners to act from a strong legal position in challenging situations.

Legal services also include:

— Submission of a declaration of the real beneficiary,

— Consultations on corporate law issues,

— Development of charters of legal entities,

— Registration of legal entities,

— Increase or decrease in authorized capital,

— Implementation of current legal measures in the activities of legal entities (conclusion of contracts, organization of correspondence with government and non-government bodies),

— Changes in the authorized capital,

— Liquidation of a company.

Our team of lawyers is also ready to reveal the legal problems that have arisen in the course of your activity and provide appropriate solutions to them.