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Unstable economic conditions, strict and sometimes unfair competitive conditions, and constantly changing tax legislation are the main challenges that manufacturing companies face today. In the conditions of the market economy, production companies are required to increase efficiency, introduce new technologies, improve production processes, and optimize production costs, which can be significantly facilitated by the competent organization of the company's accounting. Indeed, accounting does not directly affect the organization of production processes, but the organization of competent accounting provides an opportunity to analyze the company's financial situation, make strategic, operational, and managerial decisions based on it, as well as form the company's financial reports. Regarding production companies, the correct accounting of production costs is especially important, as a result, obtaining the correct cost price. The above-mentioned factors further increase the need for professional accounting management in manufacturing companies. Cooperating with T-Account, you will get rid of financial and tax accounting issues, leaving them to our qualified specialists, which will enable you to get involved in solving production problems.


The complexity of the construction industry is directly reflected in accounting. Processes in construction companies include many stages and activities that must be planned in advance and properly implemented. In construction, at least the characteristics of construction objects, their characteristics, climatic conditions, and other factors that affect the construction process and may cause unforeseen costs should be taken into account. Another industry characteristic is the duration of construction, which can last several years, sometimes longer, which implies the ability to pay suppliers in stages and receive and account for payments from clients in installments. The features of accounting in construction are related to the recognition of income of construction works according to the stages of execution, cost of material values by stages, and other features of accounting, which are specific only to this sector. And the estimates and executive acts used in document circulation are specific only to this field.


The field of information technologies is the most important stimulus for increasing the competitiveness and productivity of the economy of developed and developing countries, for the development of management, innovative and educational systems, and infrastructures. The rapid pace of growth of the world economy in the last decade is due to the innovations made in the field of information technologies and their application in various industrial branches. In Armenia, the IT sector is at the center of attention of the state. The government has established privileges for the sector.

Non-governmental organizations

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legal form of an organization that operates independently of any management. NGOs, sometimes called civil society organizations, are established at the community, national, and international levels to serve social or political goals, such as humanitarian causes or environmental protection. Non-governmental organizations are usually not-for-profit. How are NGOs funded? NGOs rely on various sources of funding, including membership fees, private donations from businesses and charities, and grants from foreign governments and organizations. Despite their independence from governments, some NGOs rely heavily on government funding. Large non-governmental organizations can have budgets of millions or billions of dollars. NGOs can focus on areas of activity that include health, education, infrastructure development, protection of minority rights, assistance to the poor and crime reduction, etc. Non-governmental organizations that implement various programs in Armenia in the development of sports, education, infrastructure, and other public activities occupy their unique place in the list of T-Account partners.